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Kisan Samasya

Indian farmers are the backbone of the Indian economy but everything is not going right for them. Their life is getting more and more difficult day by day. In the following essays I have tried to answer the question, “why nobody wants to become a farmer and also, as to why those in farming want to move to other occupations”? The answer to the questions is not straightforward. In the following Indian Farmer essay I have tried to touch all the issues which the farmers of our country are facing currently. Hope you will appreciate my efforts for essay on Indian Farmer.

I used to think that when the prices of commodities go up, the farmer benefits but the reality is that most of the money is grabbed by the middle men. So, the farmer is always a looser. When there is a bumper crop, the price of the products fall and at many times he has to sell his produce at a throwaway price to the government or to the middlemen and when there is drought or flood, then we all know what happens to the poor farmer.

The condition of the farmers is getting from bad to worse. If something is not done urgently, there will be nothing left to save.